“This is not an ad”

Let’s advertise for projects that make sense

Sense3 mimics banners used by advertising agencies and marketing codes of their advertisers in order to promote alternative projects working for the general interest.

These projects are:

  1. Libre (= open source + ethics)
  2. Non lucrative
  3. Respecting your privacy

Obviously Sense3 meets these same criteria.

Respecting your privacy

Sense3 is not tracking you. The displayed banners are only “targeted”. according to the information given “naturally” by the web browser (for a navigation better adapted to your uses). This information determines which links will be displayed.

For example, through the User Agent, if your visitors use the Google Chrome browser, Sense3 will display a banner inviting you to try the latest version of Firefox.

Similarly, with the Referer, it is possible to know the page previously consulted. If visitors come from Twitter, an insert inviting them to join the Mastodon social network will probably appear on the page.

No personal or statistical information is collected.

Non lucrative

Our goal is to take care of our common digital natural heritage.

As the Internet has become more and more a marketplace, it is becoming more difficult to find creative spaces where you are not held accountable from destroying jobs because you’re using an ad blocker.

Here, the remuneration of “advertisers” is calculated according to the number of clicks (CPC) and views (CPV). Payments are made weekly in the form of gratitude and recognition from webmasters who choose to display these banners.

The list of banners is also defined with a lot of love and bias.


The software is free. It is under MIT license, you can install it for your own use, modify it, proposing improvements or new banners

Its development is ensured by JosephK, an employee of the association Framasoft.

The project was born from an April fools idea for the Framablog.

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